Hello, my friends!

My name is Melissa. Photography means everything to me. It’s something that’s helped me define myself in a way nothing else does. It’s a means of connection. I adore watching my clients smile (or sometimes cry as the case may be), and gradually become themselves in front of the camera. I feel like photography is a powerful mechanism for treasuring memories.

I had the choice to be a stay-at-home mom to my babies and picked up a point-and-shoot camera to photograph my first child. It was fun trying to capture certain moments. As time passed I felt that tingling of interest in learning more, and eventually purchased my first DSLR camera. That moment changed my life. As I learned I grew as a person, and I began taking breathtaking photos of nature. I decided to add people to my style, because of the connection I feel when photographing others. This brings me great joy and happiness.

A little more about me. As I mentioned, I’m a mom of two wonderful children who are growing way too fast. I love to travel when I have the chance. I enjoy the Broncos. Dolphins are my favorite animal, because of their intelligence and freedom in the water. (Plus they feel like satin!) I love cool fall days with that sweet crisp air.

Now that you know about me, I would love to get to know you. Thank you for deciding to work with me, I promise we will have an enjoyable time together!