My Last Photoshoot and some Birthday Fun

Hello friends!

I’d like to show you some photos from my last photoshoot. This was a really fun family, and their little guy was so cute with his ball! He loved that thing.

Roads Summer (2 of 28).jpg
Roads Summer (8 of 28).jpg
Roads Summer (7 of 28).jpg

As far as the birthday goes, it was mine! The big 3-8. We celebrated by going to Estes Park - I love it there! The air is so crisp, the marina is gorgeous as well as Fall River. Other than other tourists, it’s great place.

Medical Hiatus and Independence Day

Hello friends!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  My apologies for not blogging before now, it’s been a heck of a time these last few months.  I had a surgery that took a good while to recover from. I was put on oxygen for the first couple weeks while at home.  I wound up with a strained muscle in my abdomen which caused excruciating pain whenever I moved. Literally. *sigh*

Thankfully that’s over and done with now, and I’ve been feeling great!  I’m back into the swing of photography again - woo hoo! I was bummed out to have such a hiatus.

We also celebrated Independence Day recently.  My family had a great time lunching with the in-laws, and watching fireworks at some soccer fields down the street from my mom’s house.  I’m sure a lot of you saw the lightning show that went on. It was everywhere! So we’re down at the fields waiting for the fireworks to start, and some big raindrops started… and we um, forgot to bring an umbrella.  The rain stopped so we stayed… the fireworks started and we started getting rain again. Large wet drops, cold and uncomfortable began falling on us again. My husband and daughter bailed. My son and I stayed and held out through the soppy weather.  My mom and brother backed out early after that, leaving my son and a couple friends of mine. We stayed and watched, when all of a sudden the fireworks stopped with no finale. *ugh* So we trudged back home (of course the rain had stopped again!), and we had some dessert and called it a night.

I found out later that the finale didn’t happen because the weather messed up the equipment.  Darnit!

How have your last months been?  How was your Independence Day? What did you do?  Please leave comments about YOU!

January 2019 Blog Post

Tips for Travel Photography

Hello friends!

Travel photography is one of the most rewarding photography there is – anyone can do it, and it really helps to preserve memories of where you’ve been. There are buildings, oceans, mountains, cultures, animals, and any number of things to photograph. Taking better photos to document your travels is always a great thing!

Location Scouting
For great photos, it’s good to find a unique spot. Finding a different view of your subject can make it from decent to spectacular.

Rule of Thirds
One of the basic composition styles in photography is called the Rule of Thirds.


Courtesy of

If you notice the intersections of the four lines, you’ll see your eyes are naturally drawn to them. These are the areas you want to focus your subject. Notice the individual standing in the photo is at two points of the intersection -- it’s obvious to the viewer she’s the focus, while the rest of the image is supporting her. Keep in mind the Rule of Thirds is merely a suggestion and not a hard and fast rule.

Using this principle will take your photos to the next level!

Golden Hour
The golden hour -- one of my favorite times of the day.


The golden hour is pretty self-explanatory. It’s that lovely time of day when the sun is either rising or setting and the sky looks golden. It starts about an hour after sunrise, or an hour before sunset. Keep your cameras ready, it goes by quickly!

I hope with these tips you’re able to create photos that you love -- because that’s what matters most of all!